Mental Wellbeing Coaching

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Practical coaching to support your return to health and long-term wellness.

Developed in partnership with Monash University and IPAR, our Mental Wellbeing Coaching service, Mindset4Life, supports your return to wellness by combining health coaching with sleep, diet and exercise tracking.

Mindset4Life is designed to help improve your mental health and recovery by encouraging new lifestyle habits and introducing ways to successfully manage day-to-day activities. You’ll develop a self-management ‘toolbox’ of techniques to support your recovery and long-term wellness.

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Mental Wellbeing Coaching

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Who has access to this service?

If you have access to Vivo through your insurance, you may be able to use this service if you’re about to make a claim, are on claim or are awaiting a claim decision. It is provided and approved based on suitability.


Approximately three months, depending on your individual needs and circumstances.

Who does this service suit?

This service suits those seeking to improve their mental health with practical tools and techniques.

What to expect

The service is tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle goals. You’ll have regular meetings with your coach – a qualified allied health professional with training and experience in providing mental health care and support. Your health coach may also help connect you with local social support networks and resources.

Just remember, coaching does not replace treatment – it is designed to complement and enhance your treatment. With your consent, we’ll work with your current care team to share information and ensure everyone is working together to support you in your recovery goals.

Collecting data

You’ll undertake an online biopsychosocial assessment to highlight the areas you would benefit from most support with.

Working with an expert

You’ll have regular meetings with a health coach to learn more about your condition, developing skills to manage symptoms and set goals related to physical activity and exercise.

Learning in your own time

You’ll have access to online health coaching modules you can undertake at your own pace developing a ‘toolbox’ of techniques to optimise recovery, encourage wellness and build resilience.

Tracking your progress

You will be asked to complete the initial assessment again at the end of the service, to help track your progress and improvements over time.


Empowering sustainable outcomes

This service has been shown to improve psychological wellbeing for a range of mental health conditions. People who complete it have been shown to have a 22% improvement in coping skills, a 30% improvement in how they feel about their own health and quality of life, and an 18% improvement in self-confidence.

“A huge guiding influence towards my personal health recovery and happiness.”

Paul, Mental Wellbeing Coaching participant

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Need emergency assistance?

If you are in an emergency situation or need immediate assistance, contact emergency services on 000.

If you need to speak to someone urgently, call Lifeline 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467.

Getting started with Vivo

Vivo services are available at no additional cost to those insured by MLC Life Insurance. You may also have Vivo available to you if your employer/super fund has a partnership with us*.

Simply get in touch with our team, by emailing

Upon receiving your email, we will reach out to discuss how we can help you.

*The services that are available for your access depends on and may be limited by arrangements we have with the service providers we have partnered with and/or agreements we have entered into with the owner of the policy (such as the trustee or employer for group insurance policies).

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