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Feel good from the inside out, with your very own dietician-designed nutrition plan.

Looking after your body is important if you want to live a happy and healthy life. A well-balanced diet that suits your needs and lifestyle can make a world of difference in how you feel each day.

We truly believe that making simple changes to your daily routine can transform your health and wellbeing. That's why we've partnered with Bites Health Clinic, a team of expert dietitians who provide personalised nutrition support.

Through your access to Vivo, you’ll receive a virtual 50-minute consultation with an Australian dietitian who will get to know your medical needs, health goals and taste preferences.

Your dietitian will then develop a tailored nutrition plan to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

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Nutrition Consult

Who has access to this service?

Our services are available to those who are insured by MLC Life Insurance, members and employees of our partnered superfunds/employers (where MLC Life Insurance is the primary insurer), and immediate family members. Additionally, financial advisers who have a partnership with MLC Life Insurance and staff of their practices can also access our service. Eligibility will be confirmed upon submission of an enquiry or booking an appointment for the first time.


Your initial Nutrition Consult is 50 minutes via video call, with a 30-minute follow-up call one to two weeks later.

Who does this service suit?

A Nutrition Consult can help anyone who wants to change their lifestyle, eating habits or health.

If you’re managing a medical condition, training for a marathon, or working out an allergy or food intolerance where a change in diet might help, get in touch today.

What to expect

From making an appointment, to speaking with an expert and receiving your report.

Book your consultation

After you request a consultation by completing the service request form, you’ll receive an email referring you to our service partner Bites Health Clinic. You can then book a dietitian for a video consultation to discuss your nutrition goals. You’ll receive a phone call from our partner Bites Health to confirm the booking. You’ll also receive emails in the lead-up to your appointment. These are important as they contain an initial screening questionnaire and the link to access your online call.

Your consultation with an accredited dietitian

During your initial 50-minute Nutrition Consult, your dietitian will answer any questions you have about nutrition, and ask you about your goals, your lifestyle, what changes you’d like to make and why. This is a judgement-free zone. Your dietitian will approach your situation with empathy and provide ethical, evidence-based support.

Receive your personal nutrition plan

Your dietitian will develop a personalised nutrition plan based on what you discuss in your consultation, which will be emailed to you within three business days. It will include a meal plan, recipes, and some useful resources.

You can then book a follow-up call. We recommend this takes place one to two weeks from your initial consultation so you can try out your new plan. The follow-up call will take 20-30 minutes, depending on what you need.


Achieving positive change with food

Having the right balance of good food in your diet can help you feel more energetic, more focused, and more positive. It can help you achieve a healthy weight, and it can even help you manage chronic conditions.

Many people love food, and your dietitian certainly does. Dietitians have thoroughly studied the science of nutrition and its effects on the human body. They’re here to help you take achievable steps to become healthier and feel better.

Reach out to Vivo

Everyone has individual needs when it comes to health, wellness and recovery. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs and goals before getting you started with the right care and support services.

If you've got a question, view our FAQs first - you may find your answer there.

Need emergency assistance?

If you are in an emergency situation or need immediate assistance, contact emergency services on 000.

If you need to speak to someone urgently, call Lifeline 13 11 14 or Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467.

Getting started with Vivo

Vivo services are available at no additional cost to those insured by MLC Life Insurance. You may also have Vivo available to you if your employer/super fund has a partnership with us*.

Simply get in touch with our team, by emailing

Upon receiving your email, we will reach out to discuss how we can help you.

*The services that are available for your access depends on and may be limited by arrangements we have with the service providers we have partnered with and/or agreements we have entered into with the owner of the policy (such as the trustee or employer for group insurance policies).

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