Shane's story

Following discharge from hospital after major surgery, Shane worked with our recovery team on a plan that helped him meet his return-to-work goals.

When Shane* was diagnosed with a sarcoma (a type of cancer) in his sacrum – part of his pelvis – he had to undergo a 14-hour surgery where half of his sacrum was removed.

The surgery left him with significant nerve damage in his lower left leg. His left fibula was removed to be used as a strut within his pelvis, and he lost a lot of conditioning and strength in his body following the surgery.

Shane spent two months recovering in hospital, came home for six weeks, then went back to hospital for further rehabilitation. He was able to go from using a wheelchair to a walker, then from a walker to a walking aid.

Previously, Shane had worked as a paint chemist – a job that required extended periods of time spent on his feet, carrying heavy tins of paint and chemicals.

After being discharged from hospital, Shane lodged an income protection claim. During this process, he learned about the recovery services available to him through his insurance and contacted our recovery team. Our team helped Shane build a recovery plan that could meet his return-to-work goals.

“I’m very thankful for the assistance with my claim and the services I was provided.”

Shane, Paint Chemist

With the Exercise Physiology and Support service available through Vivo, Shane was referred to an exercise physiologist in his local area. They were able to assist in improving the strength in Shane’s lower left foot and ankle, which was limiting his ability to walk and stand for prolonged periods.

Due to some minor setbacks, Shane’s participation in the programs spanned an eight-month period.  He had several face-to-face exercise sessions and received a three-month gym membership to help him make ongoing strength and stamina improvements.

Shane has now been cleared to get back to work by his doctor and has made a successful return to his role as a paint chemist.

“I’m very thankful for the assistance with my claim and the services I was provided. I wasn’t even aware I had this insurance and access to such comprehensive support services through Vivo,” he says.

“It was a great financial and rehab journey and overall, a very supportive experience.”

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

The feedback and testimonials provided by customers concern services that are now within the Vivo brand of services.

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